The Elements of Leadership Training

Train your team to be exceptional leaders

The Elements of Leadership is a 12-week intensive in the fundamentals of leading: what every successful leader must know how to do.

The Elements are building blocks with which to lead meetings, conversations—even enterprise-wide initiatives. They are: grasp reality, envision success, engage commitment, drive performance.

Each Element has three (3) 90-minute modules: live, interactive webinars—jam-packed with content—with group coaching before and after.
Through this program you will…

  1. Discover your strengths and blind spots
  2. Learn a repeatable process for leading others
  3. Engage people better using personality type
  4. Be a more competent and confident leader
  5. Get more done through others

Now more than ever your world needs you to lead.

Get ready for an amazing learning experience!

From first time managers to old hat executives, Keahey’s leadership teachings offer inspiring nuggets of learning in a cogent, practical framework. A high recommendation from this Public Works Director.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop your unique leadership brand.
  • Craft a strategy based on SWOT analysis.
  • Get people’s buy-in when leading change.
  • Influence your stakeholders to fully commit.
  • Set goals, delegate and hold people accountable

Module Topics:

1. Self-awareness
2. Self-management
3. Unconscious bias
4. SWOT, Strategy
5. Vision, Change
6. Innovation, Meetings
7. Engagement, Trust
8. Power, Influence
9. Teams, Conflict, Collaborations
10. Goals, Decisionsn
11. Delegation, Execution
12. Feedback, Coaching

Each module each week includes:

  • Pre-session reflection, readings
  • 90-minute live, interactive learning sessions
  • 15 minutes group coaching before and after
  • Post-session follow-up actions

Why Cash?

  • 15 years leading leadership workshops around-the-world + virtually
  • Global Fortune 500 tech companies trust Cash to train their leaders
  • 22-year leadership as Fortune 500 manager, mid-manager, director
  • Diverse industry/functional career (sales, marketing, strategy, culture)
  • MBA Finance + Strategy; BBA Marketing + Statistics, Univ of Houston

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