LeaderTYPE Platform

a walled garden in which to grow self-awareness

Leaders can take assessments, seek feedback from and develop strategies with their team, as well as self-coach and share best practices. Discover your LeaderType™, build your leadership brand, and become a better leader.

Assessments include:

  • LeaderType Indicator (LTI)

  • Values sort (self-assessment)

  • Leadership needs (self-assessment)

  • SCARF emotional triggers (link to self-assessment)
  • Leadership qualities that hinder/help you (self- and other-assessment)
  • Leadership behaviors (self- and other-assessment)

  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) (additional fee for this self-assessment)

How You Can Benefit from LeaderType™

Identify With & Learn From Other Great Leaders

Discover your natural leadership style – and which renowned leader shares your mindset. Then, learn from their leadership journey, so yours will go more smoothly.Discover your LeaderType™ now!

Refine How You Set Goals & Strategies

Identify a challenge that will require you to lead others. Envision the outcome you desire and the resources your team needs to fulfill the mission. Then, develop and execute your strategy.Use the LeaderType™ SWOT tool now!

Receive Coaching
& Coach Others

Use an online forum to access smart tips and innovative best practices from leaders who share your LeaderType™. Then, share your successes, and lessons learned, with others who now look up to you as a leader.

What Assessments Are Included?

LeaderType Indicator™ (LTI)

This quick (~5-minute) sliding scale assessment will reveal your top 3 LeaderTypes™ (which are based on the psychological types identified by Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung. After reviewing the descriptions of the top three LeaderTypes™ suggested for you, you choose the one most like your primary style and the one that is next most like you. Take the LTI. To see a description of all eight LeaderTypes™, or see your eight LeaderTypes ranked, you will need to create a Profile.

My LeaderBRAND

Enhanced Package Subscribers
LeaderType.com offers multiple assessments that can help you better understand your leadership behaviors, qualities, deficits, needs, triggers and more. You can also input assessment results and demographic data to compare yourself with leaders who share your

LeaderTEAM Feedback report

Premium Package Subscribers
By inviting your manager(s) and team members to give you feedback you discover how their perceptions of your leadership effectiveness compare with your own. In addition to showing your highest- and lowest-rated behaviors, and displaying several composites (e.g. Trust), the report highlights what you should specifically keep, start and stop doing.

Customized LeaderSWOT™ assessment

Platinum Package Subscribers
This is for leaders who want to involve their teams in devising strategy. In this collaborative environment, you fill-in the blanks regarding its current state, vision, mission, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, key success factors/values and biases. This ensures you and your team have fully explored the challenge you face in detail, and helps you identify your best strategy given your SWOT.


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